Roof Inspection

A roof inspection can provide peace of mind by discovering minor issues before they grow to bigger problems. At Walker Roofing Inc., we handle the process of roof inspection cautiously and with high level of professionalism. Roof inspection is very crucial in keeping the roof system in good shape for ages to come. Roof inspection can not only verify the overall health of your roof but also alert prospective sellers and buyers to things that could affect its longevity.

Our roofing Inspection checklist include:

  • Inspect areas that may be prone to leaks, including the roof valleys
  • Check for signs of algae growth
  • Look for damaged or missing flashing
  • Closely inspect the fascia board for signs of damage or deterioration
  • Look for rust or corrosion on the metal flashing
  • Check for cracked caulk on flashing
  • Check for broken or exposed nails
  • Check the vent pipe rubber boots for signs of cracks and wear
  • Check the gutters and other areas for excessive shingle granule loss
  • Inspect the drains, gutters and downspouts
  • Outdoor light penetrating through the roof structure
  • Signs of improper attic ventilation
  • Signs of deck sagging
  • Rotted or damaged roof rafters
  • Cracks and other defects on roof sheathing

Walker Roofing Inc. provides trusted and high-quality roof inspection services in Troy, MI. If planning to buy or sell your real estateĀ  contact us and let our experts conduct a thorough inspection on the roof. We not only provide comprehensive reports after roof inspection, we also offer recommendations forĀ  repairs. Call us today at (248) 213-7397 to schedule a roof inspection today.